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Its not just at year end or for payroll reporting- you need financial advisors/managers all year round.   Yes, I know we cost money- but so does doing things yourself- and not getting the desired results makes it even costlier.  When you partner with us, you will find that we work faster (and better) than almost anyone else.  And, while our rates are reasonable, they are not cheap- but still cost less than most of our competitors, and that is before you factor in the fact that we are able to develop those solutions you need faster than they.

We are even useful before you start your business.  Because how you form your entity sets up a hole series of chain reactions- how many partners or stockholders, whether you can have foreign investors, how start-up costs are handled, how you handle your taxes.   And, that includes WHERE you start your business- because the truisms about pass-through entities have been deviated by local and state regulations and tariffs.

We just helped a firm realize that a line of credit was nice- but using a term loan (two or three year, short-term) was a much better option- and doable. We showed another how they were pricing their products wrong- even though they were positive their mark-up concept was foolproof.

Or that business plan and/or budget you are preparing.   Weve prepared more than you probably ever will have to- and know, from the variety of large and small firms with whom weve worked, from those with cash on hand and those hopping to obtain it. Our efforts can help you hone the target, achieve your goals- and save you time and money in the process.

We also help you choose the easiest (and optimal) accounting system.  It makes a difference if you will be in only one location, with whom you bank, if you bill by the hour, have inventory, etc.  And, we have extensive experience (and are qualified with) Quicken, QuickBooks, Xero, PCLaw, Clio, ActionStep, among others.  And, there are different reasons why each may be the best for you.

But, an accounting system is only part of the equation. Sure, the IRS demands you have a record of your business.   (Yes, even an Excel spread sheet will do- if you have just a few transactions, no inventory, etc.)  But, you really want your accounting system to provide you intelligence.  (There is a vast difference between a plethora of data and the knowledge that we discern from these numbers.)  Its the Key Performance Indicators- the KPI- that let you quickly discern whether you are on track- or way off.  And, using these data lets you make quick, precise adjustments to insure your success.  

You see, the Adjuvancy provides you services that can range from bookkeeping to accounting- to financial management.  We have business acumen, financial expertise, process and product knowledge, and decades of experience that can help you make the most of your own resources.   Without draining your coffers.



Last Updated:  16 February, 2016